My Hair Care Routine & How I Style It


Happy Tuesday Loves! Today I’m finally talking about my hair 🙂

I’m definitely no expert but this is how it works best for me.

How I care for my hair:

I wash my hair every other day so about four times a week or less depending on my laziness. To wash my hair I use THIS shampoo and conditioner. It’s really inexpensive and works so well with my hair. After every wash my hair is really soft and silky. I let my hair air dry for about 25 minutes then I spray THIS into my damp hair. With this product I’ve noticed that I don’t have a lot of hair breakage, which is good!

I then brush my hair with a comb, braid it, go to sleep and style my hair in the morning.

How I style my hair:

As I mentioned above, I braid my hair every night so when I wake up I have beachy waves. Braiding my hair at night has saved me so many times whenever I wake up late.

I always get questions regarding how I curl my hair and many are shocked to learn that I curl my hair with a STRAIGHTENER. My sisters nor my mom can curl their hair with a straightener and it frustrates them so much.

I love curling my hair this way because not only do I get bouncy curls but it only take me 10 minutes each day to achieve these locks. THIS video by Angela Lanter is a great step by step on how to curl your hair with a straightener.

 And that’s basically how I care for my hair & how I style it. If you have any questions please let me know!



Movie Night In Los Angeles


Happy Monday Loves! On Saturday I went to LA with my sister; Tricia, to watch Jurassic Park at the park. I’ve never been to an event like this but it was so cool!

Sometimes I wished I lived in LA because there is always something to do however the traffic and taxes are outrageous!!

These are photos I took and put on my Instagram Stories 🙂

Enjoy and have a great day!




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img_4927Fun Fact: I’ve never actually seen Jurassic Park until Saturday night 🙂


Pops Of Color For Fall


Happy Monday Everyone! How was everyone’s weekend?! Mine was great 🙂 I attended the most beautiful wedding on Saturday and spent the day with my sister yesterday.

We had the best Fall weather this weekend, so of course I had to wear my new sweater! I paired this look with these adorable fuchsia sandals and navy blue hat for a fun pop.








Shop The Look

Sweater: Kohls  Jeans: TjMaxx  Hat: Kohls  Bangles: Vigor Collective c/o

Shoes: WSS (Exact pair HERE)  Bag: BCBG  Sunglasses: Nordstrom


My Favorite Shoes For Fall

image          Buy my shoes HERE. Now only $30!!

Happy Monday Everyone! Shoes are my favorite things to buy and although it may be tempting to buy a new pair every season, for some it’s just not reasonable. But for others, it’s the only way they can start out a season.

Here’s a look at the shoes I’ll be wearing nonstop this Fall season 🙂

imageThese leopard flats are old but HERE is a similar pair for only $10.

imageThese heeled sandals are another favorite of mine! Shop them HERE.

image      My favorite booties from last year have been restocked! Buy them HERE.


Friday Five

imagePicking up a PSL Frappuchino for only $3 from now until Sunday!

Happy Friday Loves! This week went by super fast but it came with a lot of challenges sadly. Work wise I got set back with some things but I finally was able to put my blog on the front burner 🙂

I have plans to shoot some Fall content either today or tomorrow so hopefully the weather is good! Have a great weekend 🙂

imageI’ve been lighting this candle like crazy! I need to stock up again.

imagePulling out all of my favorite Fall scarves and beanies.

imageWe’ve been having the most prettiest sunsets lately. This one was so lovely.

imageI’m into Thai tea’s with boba right now like crazy! I’ve been having one daily.




Fall Bucket List

imageSee Full Post Here

Happy First Official Day of Autumn! This is my absolute favorite season, with Spring in second place. The weather is cool and crisp and everything is pumpkin flavored. Today I decided to put together this years bucket list. I did one last year and it was so fun to be able to cross off everything I completed. You can see last years bucket list HERE.

My 2016 Fall Bucket List

1. Go to my final homecoming

2. Host a sleepover with my closest friends

3. Try the caramel apple spice drink at Starbucks

4. Go to a Halloween party

5. Buy Fall scented candles

6. Host a Friendsgiving

7. Go to a pumpkin patch

8. Watch all of the new Fall premiere shows

9. Find a cute & creative costume for Halloween

10. Try out Fall Pinterest recipes


The Best Fall Outfit


Shop The Look

Scarf: ElsBriarPatch c/o  Sweater: Kohls (similar)  Jeans: Tjmaxx  Booties: Payless  Beanie: Kmart (similar)

Candle: Walmart (B&BW Dupe For Only $5-Smells SOO Good!

Nail Polish: OPI (50 & Fabulous)  Lipstick: Milani

I love this look for Fall so much! Yesterday we had the strangest weather. On Monday it was over 95 degrees but yesterday it was 75 degrees and raining. I had plans to take outfit shots but the rain didn’t allow me to. So I decided to put this look together for what I would wear on a super chilly Fall day.

Also you all need THIS candle ASAP!!! It’s a dupe for the pumpkin pecan waffles candle from B&BW. However, this one costs less than $5, lasts so long, and the scent can spread anywhere. I put the candle in my bedroom and you can smell it all throughout the house.


Emerald City


Happy Tuesday Loves! It feels so great to be blogging again!! I missed this hobby so much and I don’t ever want to take a huge break away from it again.

Anyway, Fall officially begins this Thursday and although I’m excited to sip on PSL’s without getting judged, I’m crying on the inside because the weather sucks! Last week we had temps in the 70’s and 80’s and I was wearing all of the Fall trends. However, this past weekend was in the high 90’s and Sunday was over 100 degrees.

I want to dress for the season and not the weather, however I’ll modify my look to suit the weather. So for this look that I wore yesterday since it was in the 90s, I wore my top as is. However if it was in the 70s, I would have added a chunky black cardigan like this one and these cute booties that I have!

Have a great day!







Shop The Look

Top: Kohls (similar here)  Pants: Old Navy  Heels: Payless (Only $35)  Bag: Forever 21 

Sunglasses: Nordstrom


The Estée Edit


Happy Monday! It feels so great to blog again…  Again I’m so sorry I wasn’t posting but I’ve been swamped with so much work!

Anyway, last week I received this voxbox from Influenster to review some products from The Estée Edit. If you’re not familiar with Infuenster; it is a fun app that you can get on the App Store or Google Play Store. You basically review your favorite products and link your social media accounts to your Influenster page and you’re set! So easy!!!

I have not had enough time to review each product so I can’t tell you if they work or not, but from the couple of days that I have used it, so far it’s working great!

I have a meeting today and I’ll probably go grab some coffee today to get my week started 🙂 Have a great Monday!





Let’s Catch Up…

imageImage Via Pinterest…

Happy Friday Loves! I am so sorry that there have not been any posts this week. But as many of you know, I started my final year of school last Wednesday. I’ve been so busy getting back into the routine of school life, so my blog went on the back burner. Although I was bummed I couldn’t post anything this week, it helped me realize just how much I can juggle.

I am currently a senior so I have a huge responsibility in front of me which is: GRADUATION!! I can’t believe it’s my final year!

This blog is an outlet for me to showcase my love for fashion & beauty. But it’s also just my hobby. As much as I would love to work full time on my blog, I just can’t. So I’ve decided to only do post on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. While also posting Weekend Edit posts on Saturday’s. Of course this may vary with how much content I can create.

Now that I’ve been in school for a week I’m realizing everything and I don’t want to fail my final year so I think this will be great in the long run. I don’t know what the future holds but I’ll take it day by day 🙂