About Me

I’m Elizabeth a fringe obsessed girl who basically lives in flare jeans. I have always loved clothes since I was a little girl. Of course then I didn’t know too much about the fashion world but over time I have gained a lot of knowledge. 

I love food as well… My favorite meal has to be pasta! Give me some pasta and I’m sold. I also love guacamole but only if its made my Mom. Some come close but its not the same. I’m obsessed with pina coladas. Years ago when I was little, my family and I went on vacation to a resort in Mexico where I was introduced to the best pina coladas! So one night as my family was getting ready to go out to dinner, I was nowhere to be found! I had made my way to the closed bar where the bartender was cleaning up and I ordered about 10 pina coladas. Crazy right?! I still have dreams of how good they were. 

I love to be outside and surrounded by nature. Riding bikes down by the beach is my favorite pastime. I love to take Spin classes and workout at the gym.

I love sunshine and warm weather. My birthday is November 12, which is basically the peak of Fall here in Southern California. I don’t like the rain especially when I have somewhere to be. But its good for the extreme drought we have going on. 

That’s all that I can come up with for now but I will continue to update this page as more things evolve with me.



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