My Hair Care Routine & How I Style It


Happy Tuesday Loves! Today I’m finally talking about my hair 🙂

I’m definitely no expert but this is how it works best for me.

How I care for my hair:

I wash my hair every other day so about four times a week or less depending on my laziness. To wash my hair I use THIS shampoo and conditioner. It’s really inexpensive and works so well with my hair. After every wash my hair is really soft and silky. I let my hair air dry for about 25 minutes then I spray THIS into my damp hair. With this product I’ve noticed that I don’t have a lot of hair breakage, which is good!

I then brush my hair with a comb, braid it, go to sleep and style my hair in the morning.

How I style my hair:

As I mentioned above, I braid my hair every night so when I wake up I have beachy waves. Braiding my hair at night has saved me so many times whenever I wake up late.

I always get questions regarding how I curl my hair and many are shocked to learn that I curl my hair with a STRAIGHTENER. My sisters nor my mom can curl their hair with a straightener and it frustrates them so much.

I love curling my hair this way because not only do I get bouncy curls but it only take me 10 minutes each day to achieve these locks. THIS video by Angela Lanter is a great step by step on how to curl your hair with a straightener.

 And that’s basically how I care for my hair & how I style it. If you have any questions please let me know!



My Favorite Self Tanner


I’ve never used a self tanner before trying this product but I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on!! I actually found this Suave ‘Visible Glow’ Self Tanner at the 99 cents store two weeks ago and I’m obsessed with this product. I have a really light skin tone and no matter how long I lay out in the sun; I never get a tan or any type of glow which sucks! 😦 I used this tanner a couple of days after my purchase and after reading hundreds of reviews, it worked so good!

I showered before my first application which is essential to any self tanning. I then dried off my body and proceeded to apply the tanner like a lotion (while really blending it into my skin to avoid any streaks!).  I then let the tanner dry for a few minutes and then I got dressed.

The following day I noticed a slight glow but it wasn’t until the second day that I noticed a real difference. I did accidentaly not blend it properly on my right arm and it left a bad tan line. However it was good because I got to see just how good of a self tanner color this is.

Overall I really recommed this self tanner! It gives a nice gradual tan which is great for me since I can’t tan from laying out in the sun. I use it every other day and I’ve seen a great difference 🙂

Sorry for there not being a post on Friday and no Weekend Edit, however I went camping on Friday and I just got back yesterday afternoon. I hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂


My Favorite Lipsticks

IMG_2098I will admit I own way too many lipsticks 🙂 haha… But every shade is so different and it can really change-up your look. I do wear some of these shades religiously and others I wear on different more special occasions.

I’ll link the lipsticks down below with their shade names.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂


IMG_2078On the picture down below the shades go from the top row; right to left and the second row; left to right. I’ll link them in this exact way underneath the next photo.

IMG_2092Shop The Look

From right to left;

Milani ’20 Uptown Mauve’, Covergirl ‘323 Delicious Exquis’, Flower ‘Mauve Over’

Rimmel London ‘410 Dashing Rasberry’, NYX ’12 Nude Beach’, Flower ‘Red-dy To Bloom’

Maybelline ‘135 Make Me Pink’, Covergirl ‘397 Yummy Gourmandise’, Neutrogena ’10 Juicy Peach’

Milani ’17 Plumrose’, Forever 21 ‘Nude’, Maybelline ‘840 Coral Lustre’

Bracelets: Vigor Collective c/o


My Everyday Makeup Routine


Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing my everyday makeup routine. I posted my then routine last year but a lot has changed since then, so I thought it would be time for a new one. I’ll also be sharing how I use these products down below


IMG_2018I start off with my Covergirl Tru Blend foundation in the shade M1 Natural Beige then I use a beauty blender to apply it to my face.

IMG_2022For Concealer I use a mix between Physicians Formula and L.A. Girl. However I really love the PF one more! I use my beauty blender that I sprayed with rose water to blend it in.

IMG_2031I use the Covergirl Pressed Powder in the shade 110 Creamy Natural and I use an ELF makeup brush to set it in.


I have shopped around for the perfect nude lip for years now and nothing beats this nude color. It is the NYX Plush Gel Lipstick in the shade ‘Nude Beach‘.

I also apply mascara but I completely forgot to photograph it 😦

I use Maybelline’s Big Eyes Mascara in the shade ‘Blackest Black

I hope you enjoyed this post and you have a wonderful day!


Designer Bag Dupes

I love a good designer bag but I hate the price on a ton of them! I own quite a few dupes and they are my most coveted bags. Today I’m showing you the three most recent dupes I’ve purchased. I’m in love with them so much! Also you won’t believe the price tag on each bag… I’m talking $35, $28 and the best price of all (drumroll please!!) only $12. Find out which ones fall in those price ranges down below.


What Dupe Is It For?

This bag is a dupe for the Chloé ‘Drew’ bag.

What Is The Difference?

The giveaway on this bag is the stitch detailing at the bottom and it doesn’t have the connecting chain for the lock part of the bag. I really like the detailing at the bottom! I think it makes it more unique.

The Price?

Only $12!!! Sign up for email updates and get free shipping making this bag less than $13 with tax included.

Buy it HERE


What Dupe Is It For?

This bag is a dupe for the Rebecca Minkoff ‘Love’ Quilted Crossbody Bag.

What Is The Difference?

The only difference is the gold name plaque at the bottom.

The Price?

This bag is only $35!! Also if you sign up for email updates you can get free shipping.



What Dupe Is It For?

This is a dupe for the Valentino ‘Rockstud’ Tote.

What Is The Difference?

The only difference is that the long strap (for crossbody wear) doesn’t have studs. However they are basic studs you can find at Michaels and put them on yourself. 

The Price?

Only $28!! Also if you sign up for email updates you can get free shipping.


If you’d like a review on these bags, please let me know and I will make that post happen! 🙂


My Current Obsession: Infused Water


I’ll admit that I do not drink as much water as I should. I drink a cup or two during the day and occasionally have a cup for dinner. But that’s plain water we’re talking about! Haha… Now infused water I can drink endless cups of 🙂 Every time I go to a restaurant I always order water with lemon. It curves your appetite so that way you don’t over eat. However, when I’m not eating at a restaurant, I love making infused water to drink during the day. I have three of these portable water bottles that I grab from my fridge and head out for the day.

For this particular bottle I put a lemon and an apricot. It gives my water such a good flavor. These waters are also really good for this summer heat! If you give it a try please let me know 🙂

Also I really want to try out this workout routine that I found on Pinterest. It’s a 30 day challenge that helps get your whole body in shape. I’d love for you guys to try it out with me! I’ll put the picture down at the bottom and you can save it, so we can do the workouts everyday.

Today I have plans to shoot my Fourth of July outfit and then I’ll probably run some errands. I hope you have a great day!




imageImage Via…

^^ This is the workout I want to try for 30 days straight.


My Favorite Nail Colors for Summer…


Having great nails everyday is really important to me all year round! Because I live in Southern California where we get about 263 days of sunshine a year, I basically live in sandals 🙂 hahaha…

But I also think it’s really important to have a great mani. You shake hands with people everyday and its also nice to see a pop of color to your hands.

I have a fair to light skin tone so a lot of colors work with me, which I love. I gravitate more towards pink all year round but I enjoy branching out and trying out different shades.

Also if you want to score more pricier nail polishes for cheap, check out the clearance racks at Sally’s Beauty Supply, Tjmaxx, Marshalls and Target. That’s where I scored brands like OPI and Orly for under $3.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I’ll link every nail color from this post down below 🙂











Shop The Look

Nude Nail Colors: Revlon ‘#320 Trade Winds’  L’oréal ‘#700 Absolutely Timeless’

Pink Nail Colors: Revlon ‘#060 Café Pink’  Nicole OPI ‘#G11 Naturally’  Orly ‘#200 Lift The Vail’

White Nail Color: Sinful Colors ‘#101 Snow Me White’

Bright Pink Nail Colors: Sinful Colors ‘#920 24/7’  OPI ‘#409 50 Is The New Fabulous’

Green & Blue Nail Colors: OPI ‘#414 Gargantuan Green Grape’  Wet n Wild ‘#218A I Need A Refresh-Mint’


Perfect Tank For Spring…


I live in Southern California where Summer starts in late February and doesn’t end until early November 😦 I hate heat so the summer isn’t exactly my favorite! However since I have to do things in the summer, I’m always shopping for great pieces that can keep me cool in 100+ degree temps. When I found this bright colored tank from Cottage Closet, I knew it would be perfect for those hot days ahead.

Happy Tuesday Loves! I have a busy day ahead of me today but I hope by getting it taken care of today, I can have a great week 🙂








Shop The Look

Shirt: Cottage Closet c/o  Shorts: Old Navy  Cardigan: Ross (similar)  Shoes: Gap (Wedge Version)  Bag: Vintage (similar)  Sunglasses: DKNY


Brought to you by Cottage Closet. All opinions are my own.


Mother’s Day With Magnolia Monograms


Happy Monday Everyone! Today I’m so excited to be teaming up with Magnolia Monograms to feature these classic monogram tees that would be the perfect gift for your Mom this Mother’s Day.

My mom has always had a love for monograms and I guess you could say I’ve taken on that love too 🙂 My mom is wearing the raspberry color tee and I am wearing the pink color. Both of our shirts have the ‘Vine‘ monogram in ‘Kelly Green‘. These shirts came out perfect! You can check out Magnolia Monograms here and shop all of the amazing products that are available in the shop 🙂

Have a great day!





Shop The Look

Shirts: Magnolia Monograms c/o


Brought to you by Magnolia Monograms. All opinions are my own.

How To Make A Product Collage…

Processed with MOLDIV

Hello & Happy Monday! Today I’m going to be showing you all step by step instructions on  how to make a product collage. I’ve been using this app since I first started my blog and it has been the best app! I hope the pictures and instructions make sense and you love the app as much as I do 🙂 So the app I use is: MOLDIV, and it has so many endless uses. It is absolutely free in the app store. However if you want more frames for collages then you can purchase some. I’ll put the link for the app here and here.

Open the Moldiv app and this page will pop up, then select collage.
It will then direct you to this page and select FREE STYLE.
Once you select that, it will give you a blank page where you can tap anywhere to add your photos. Once I select all of the photos I want to use, I click the checkmark.
All of your photos will pop up.
You can resize your photos and move them around to your liking.
Once you get the photo to your liking, you are done! Just simply click the arrow at the bottom right and save the photo to your camera roll.

Processed with MOLDIVShop The Look

Sunglasses: H&M  Phone Case: Kate Spade  Hat: Eugenia Kim (Dupe Here For Only $24)  Heels: H&M  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff  Shorts: H&M  Top:H&M