Let’s Catch Up…

imageImage Via Pinterest…

Happy Friday Loves! I am so sorry that there have not been any posts this week. But as many of you know, I started my final year of school last Wednesday. I’ve been so busy getting back into the routine of school life, so my blog went on the back burner. Although I was bummed I couldn’t post anything this week, it helped me realize just how much I can juggle.

I am currently a senior so I have a huge responsibility in front of me which is: GRADUATION!! I can’t believe it’s my final year!

This blog is an outlet for me to showcase my love for fashion & beauty. But it’s also just my hobby. As much as I would love to work full time on my blog, I just can’t. So I’ve decided to only do post on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. While also posting Weekend Edit posts on Saturday’s. Of course this may vary with how much content I can create.

Now that I’ve been in school for a week I’m realizing everything and I don’t want to fail my final year so I think this will be great in the long run. I don’t know what the future holds but I’ll take it day by day 🙂



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