My Favorite Self Tanner


I’ve never used a self tanner before trying this product but I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on!! I actually found this Suave ‘Visible Glow’ Self Tanner at the 99 cents store two weeks ago and I’m obsessed with this product. I have a really light skin tone and no matter how long I lay out in the sun; I never get a tan or any type of glow which sucks! 😦 I used this tanner a couple of days after my purchase and after reading hundreds of reviews, it worked so good!

I showered before my first application which is essential to any self tanning. I then dried off my body and proceeded to apply the tanner like a lotion (while really blending it into my skin to avoid any streaks!).  I then let the tanner dry for a few minutes and then I got dressed.

The following day I noticed a slight glow but it wasn’t until the second day that I noticed a real difference. I did accidentaly not blend it properly on my right arm and it left a bad tan line. However it was good because I got to see just how good of a self tanner color this is.

Overall I really recommed this self tanner! It gives a nice gradual tan which is great for me since I can’t tan from laying out in the sun. I use it every other day and I’ve seen a great difference 🙂

Sorry for there not being a post on Friday and no Weekend Edit, however I went camping on Friday and I just got back yesterday afternoon. I hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂



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