My Favorite Lipsticks

IMG_2098I will admit I own way too many lipsticks 🙂 haha… But every shade is so different and it can really change-up your look. I do wear some of these shades religiously and others I wear on different more special occasions.

I’ll link the lipsticks down below with their shade names.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂


IMG_2078On the picture down below the shades go from the top row; right to left and the second row; left to right. I’ll link them in this exact way underneath the next photo.

IMG_2092Shop The Look

From right to left;

Milani ’20 Uptown Mauve’, Covergirl ‘323 Delicious Exquis’, Flower ‘Mauve Over’

Rimmel London ‘410 Dashing Rasberry’, NYX ’12 Nude Beach’, Flower ‘Red-dy To Bloom’

Maybelline ‘135 Make Me Pink’, Covergirl ‘397 Yummy Gourmandise’, Neutrogena ’10 Juicy Peach’

Milani ’17 Plumrose’, Forever 21 ‘Nude’, Maybelline ‘840 Coral Lustre’

Bracelets: Vigor Collective c/o



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