My Updated Facial Routine

IMG_1942My facial routine has always changed about every three months or so but I’ve finally found one that has stuck around for longer than three months! Haha… You may remember this facial post from last year. My routine has changed slightly but I’ve finally found a routine that works for me. I have been using Proactive for about five months now and I’ve seen some great results from it. I’m only using two steps but each one works amazingly. The toner is my favorite!

I always wash my face before bed and because I wear makeup almost everyday, I use my Garnier ‘Purifying Foam Cleanser’ to remove my makeup. I use my hands to get the makeup off of my face and then I use this facial brush (only $2) that I picked up at Sallys Beauty Supply to get really into my pores when using the first step of Proactive.

After I’m done washing my face, I pat dry my face till it’s completely dry and then I apply toner. Once that sits on my face for a couple of minutes, I apply tea tree oil on my face to help get rid of any acne I may have or be getting.

And that’s all for my updated facial routine! I hope you all enjoyed this post 🙂

Happy Wednesday!



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