Whats In My Bag…


Happy Monday Loves! Today I’m sharing what’s inside my bag. I love seeing these types of posts and I hope you do too 🙂 I just recently purchased THIS purse and I’m obsessed with it!

Here’s what I carry in my bag…

My wallet/coin purse: For my smaller bags, I always switch my bigger wallet for a coin purse. It’s much more compact so I can fit more into my bag. My leopard coin purse is from Victoria’s Secret.

Makeup Bag: I don’t carry much makeup with me except for powder w/ a brush, lipstick, mascara and a beauty blender. My flamingo bag was purchased from the travel section in Target.

Sunglasses: I always carry sunglasses with me to protect my eyes from the sun and these are my favorite plus they are under $12.

Mirror: I check my hair and makeup every hour so having a mirror is really important for me.

Hand Sanitizer: Germs are gross! Carrying hand sanitizer is really great for eliminating germs and keeping your rate for getting sick; low 🙂

Nail Filer: I swear my nails always break when I don’t have a nail filer! I always file my nails so this comes in handy.







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