Sale Alerts…

imageMy dress is on major sale for less than $15. Shop it HERE.

I’ve realized that a bunch of my recent outfits and other items that I own are on sale for really good prices. So today I’ve put together all of the links so that you can shop my favorite products 🙂

IMG_1723My wedges that I’m obsessed with, are only $15. Shop them HERE.

IMG_1799These heeled sandals are such classics and go with so much! These are also only $15 also. Shop them HERE.

IMG_0761This skirt is only $14. Shop it HERE.

imageThis flamingo tumbler cup is finally online and way cheaper than what I paid for it! Shop it HERE.

IMG_0691My shorts are less than $13. They are so comfy and amazing! Shop them HERE.

IMG_0618This skirt is only $15 online but I have seen it for $5 in store. Shop it HERE.



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