My Current Obsession: Infused Water


I’ll admit that I do not drink as much water as I should. I drink a cup or two during the day and occasionally have a cup for dinner. But that’s plain water we’re talking about! Haha… Now infused water I can drink endless cups of 🙂 Every time I go to a restaurant I always order water with lemon. It curves your appetite so that way you don’t over eat. However, when I’m not eating at a restaurant, I love making infused water to drink during the day. I have three of these portable water bottles that I grab from my fridge and head out for the day.

For this particular bottle I put a lemon and an apricot. It gives my water such a good flavor. These waters are also really good for this summer heat! If you give it a try please let me know 🙂

Also I really want to try out this workout routine that I found on Pinterest. It’s a 30 day challenge that helps get your whole body in shape. I’d love for you guys to try it out with me! I’ll put the picture down at the bottom and you can save it, so we can do the workouts everyday.

Today I have plans to shoot my Fourth of July outfit and then I’ll probably run some errands. I hope you have a great day!




imageImage Via…

^^ This is the workout I want to try for 30 days straight.



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