My Tips For Shopping…

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In Store Shopping Tips:
1. Set a budget Nothing is worse than going crazy at a store and wanting everything, but you can’t afford it. So setting a budget helps eliminate the stress of worrying if that cute dress costs more than your paycheck.
2. Check for coupons– Saving money while shopping is seriously the best thing ever! You can find coupons online (RetailMeNot is a great site) or you can sign up for email updates to your favorite stores (these typically offer the best savings) if you hate getting so much mail from stores, set up an email specifically for “junk mail” then when you’re shopping in store, you don’t have to scout through personal emails to get to the savings.
3. Try on everything- This is key when shopping! Everything is made differently in sizes, cuts and colors. I have a specific size for everything but clothes can be made differently and there’s nothing worse then buying something, taking it home, trying it on and it doesn’t fit. It not only puts you in a funk but it’s a terrible way to throw away money by having to drive back to the store and worrying if they have the actual size or color that you want/need.
4. Shop sales- A ton of stores offer sales every week which is great if you’re an avid shopper. Also stores allow you to use coupons during sales so remember tip #2 and stack those coupons!
5. Keep every receipt- You may buy an item at a store, take it home and then realize that it just doesn’t fit the way you like it and that’s okay! You can easily return it if you have a receipt but sometimes things happen and we either lose a receipt or throw it away. Luckily, a lot of stores have a middle ground for this, they can offer you store credit. Which is great to pick up something else that suits you better. Just remember tip #3 so you don’t have to go through the same thing again.

Online Shopping Tips:
1. Sign up for email updates- Lots of stores send out emails with loads of savings everyday. My personal favorites are either free shipping or more than 20% off of my purchase.
2. Stack coupons- My favorite store; Old Navy offers amazing coupons everyday. If you sign up for the email updates, you get first access to the best sales and promotions. They typically offer 30% or 40% off plus an extra 10% which is an amazing deal!
3. Wait for free shipping days- When will paying for shipping be a thing of the past?!  Paying for shipping is a huge deal breaker for me! If I see a shipping cost of more than $5 I’m done right then and there. I will literally empty out my cart and close out the tab. If you take tip #2 for example, scouting the internet can lead you to find the best deals.
4. Buy Two Of Each- For me, nothing is worse than buying something online, paying for shipping, waiting at your doorstep for days, receiving the item and it doesn’t look good or worse, it doesn’t fit! Buying two of the same items in different sizes hopefully guarantees that you have a 50/50 chance of one fitting perfectly. Also stores have a great return policy for online shipments.
5. Search for a better deal- Any time I want to online shop I always use my ShopStyle app. This app is amazing at narrowing down the best deal on a specific item. For example, I saw this cute bag by Steve Madden for $43 at Macy’s but I scrolled some more and found the exact same bag for $30 at Nordstrom Rack. But the best deal of all?! Was found on Saks Off 5th for only $23!! See, had I not searched some more, I never would have found the exact same bag for $20 cheaper!

I hope these tips help you with your shopping! Whether you’re an in store or online shopper, these tips should definitely help you. These tips work really well with back to school shopping that will be happening soon 🙂 Have a lovely day!



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