Sunday Brunch Outfit Idea…

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         Blouse: H&M  Shorts: H&M  Watch: Skagen  Heeled Sandals: H&M (Only $25)                Hat: Nordstrom  Bag: Forever 21 (Dupe For This Chloe)

I love brunch because on the weekends I always wake up super late, and it doesn’t make sense to eat “breakfast” at noon. However I still eat the typical breakfast of pancakes or waffles. hahaha…

This look would be perfect for brunch on a Saturday or Sunday! I’m loving that top so much for Spring. I think I’ll buy it since I have a 40% off coupon + free shipping 🙂 #winwin

Happy Thursday Babes 🙂 The heat here in Southern California is driving me insane!!! It is so hot right now and all I want to do is sip lemonade by the pool. I hope you all have a wonderful and cool day…



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