My Current Obsession: Smoothie Bowls


Hello Everyone! I’m changing things up from the usual fashion posts to talk about my current obsession with SMOOTHIE BOWLS !!! I had my very first acai bowl two years ago and man was it good. In case you are wondering, I tried it at Juice It Up. Although it was good, it’s quite pricey for a small bowl. I’m not lying when I say you will be obsessed! But with any obsession the price can add up quick.

If you want to make an acai bowl at home, Costco has a bulk pack for less than $12 which is a really great deal for four packs. You just add juice to your blender and top with fruit, granola and honey & you’re good to go.

Now for my smoothie bowl I use two different fruit mixes. I typically do strawberries, pineapple, mango and apricots. Or I do a blueberry, blackberry and raspberry mixture. I blend each one with pineapple juice and top them with chopped bananas, strawberries, granola & honey.

I make a smoothie bowl every morning and each one tastes so good and keeps your stomach full until lunch… I hope you enjoyed this post and in case you want more smoothie bowl recipes, here are some amazing ones down below 🙂

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