Fiesta Inspired…


I’m half Mexican so of course the love for Mexican everything is rooted in me. This includes Mexican food, margaritas, fiestas and music. I love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo because its a great excuse to celebrate and binge on my favorites 🙂 Two of my favorites are guacamole and margaritas!

When I was packing for my spring break vacation I knew I wanted to bring this off-the shoulder shirt and this white skirt to wear to dinner one day. My sister pointed out that it would be perfect for Cinco de Mayo and I agree! The beautiful embroidery on this Rue 21 top is perfect and compliments the crochet scallops on my skirt. I’ll definitely be wearing this on May 5th.

I’m back on my regular schedule today and it is the absolute worst!! I wish I was back on the beach 😦 … Well I hope you all have a great day and a wonderful week 🙂






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Top: Rue21  Skirt: Aeropostale  Sandals: Gap (Wedge Version Here)  Bag: Kohls  Sunglasses: Kohls



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