My Everyday Makeup Routine


My everyday makeup routine is super simple because I’m always late everyday #oops… But because its so simple it only takes ten minutes out of my day. I wear the same makeup for every blog post as well. So here’s my routine. Happy Tuesday!

Step 1 ~ Face! I start by either applying BB cream for everyday or I use foundation for more special events.


Step 2~ Eyebrows! I don’t always do my eyebrows but I do for more special events and I do pluck my eyebrows when needed.


Step 3~ Eyes! I use mascara almost everyday to make my eyes pop since I don’t really wear eyeshadow. When I apply my mascara I use this eyelash brush so I don’t have any clumps.


Step 4~ Lips! To me lips are the most important aside from the eyes because you speak with your mouth and you also need kissable lips 😉




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