Wrapping Gifts With Tjmaxx


Happy Monday Loves 🙂 This past week was the worst! I feel like death!! I’m so sick and normally I don’t get sick so this has been hard on my body. But this weekend I wrapped up some of the gifts that I bought for my loved ones since I’ll be busy in the next couple of weeks leading to Christmas day. Tjmaxx has the best gifts for such great prices! This was the first place I went for Christmas gifts because I save so much money and then with all that I save, I can spoil myself with some gifts because you know #treatyoself …

I found this Lily Pulitzer portable phone charger for $8. What a steal!!! Because I’m always on my phone the battery runs low all the time so having this will save me in the future #HELLO ….The BCBG Paris purse I got for myself for $35 and I saved $130 off of the original price. I’ve wanted the Chanel boy bag for so long but I’m not willing to sacrifice the price so having this bag saves me not only a ton of money but keeps me looking good all year round.The perfume set I got on clearance for $10 and I plan on gifting it to my mom, because it smells like something she would love.

It doesn’t matter whether you spend one dollar or one thousand dollars its all about the thought and love that goes into a gift 





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