Golden Gate Bridge


Happy Friday πŸ™‚ Finally we reached the end of the first week of December. I’m 100% into the Christmas spirit, I finished decorating yesterday and put up a Christmas tree in my room today. And my daily cup of joe has been swapped out for hot chocolate with marshmallows. #holidayfeels

Anyway this is the last San Fran look so I wanted to show you the Golden Gate Bridge as well as what I wore by the bay. It was so chilly by the water and although the sun was warm, the breeze made my nose as cold as a button! I only packed these boots in brown and black and a pair of converse for my trip so I was a bit scarred about them hurting my feet but they didn’t! (Seriously the comfiest boots ever!!) Again this peacoat was my best friend for the cold air. Mine is old from Macys but I’m linking similar ones hereΒ and hereΒ that are on sale for 25% off. I hope you guys enjoyed San Fran week with me and you have a great weekend!







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