Earrings, Earrings , Earrings

Earrings they’ve been on my ears since I was a baby and there’s no shame 😛 Earrings are such a great way to add a flare to your outfit. They can spruce up a casual outfit or add that extra glam we all want. Below are my favorite earrings that I’ve had for awhile or I just picked up :).

These earrings I picked up a few weeks ago for my sisters graduation were perfect to give my outfit a little bit of glam without stealing the spotlight 🙂 And they’re a steal at only $3 from Walmart.
These little stud muffins have been my fave for quite some time now. The little pearl detail is what sold me 🙂 they have the beautiful capability of going with everything. And they cost less than $5 at Forever 21.
These gorgeous beaus I got a few months back are perfection in such a small I mean small price at only $1 !!! Crazy right 🙂 so I did what was natural and got them in every color.
Guys these Dior look a likes were such a steal I mean literally 🙂 I’ve seen these several times online and even almost spent 39 bucks on these same earrings. But patience is key everyone!!! Because several months ago I saw on @PSIMADETHIS Snapchat account the main lady went to the 99 Cents Only store and nabbed these in every color for only 99 cents. So naturally I went looking at every store in my area and couldn’t find them but 3 weeks ago there they were, In my shopping bag leaving the store to then get put onto my ears at home :).



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