Fourth Of July

Shirt: Choies   Jeans: JcPenny   Shoes: Local Boutique    Bag: Estee Lauder

The kick off to Summer is this Saturday and I’m so excited 🙂 The weather in California has been so crazy lately, last night we had thunder and lightning and its been so gloomy and humid, I mean its on another level with all this humidity. My hair gets so frizzy with just one step outside, It’s Not Pretty!!!

But anyway Fourth of July is finally this Saturday and I’m so excited because I get to hang out with my family and eat really good food.

I put this outfit together last week but with packing, I got too busy so I finally spared some time and decided I would take some photos for the blog. This shirt has been my favorite for awhile and it’s just what this outfit needed to make it appropriate for the Fourth. Oh and its just under $15 🙂 These jeans are from JcPenny’s and my shoes are from a small store in my area.

Happy Fourth Of July !!!!!!

XOXO, Elizabeth


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