Facial Routine For Day & Night

Bioré Facial Cleanser

Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer Cleansing Facial Brush

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing my facial routine that I use twice a day. I use the Biore facial cleanser in the morning to get rid of any oil my face produced over night. And as soon as I’m done washing my face I apply my Cetaphil oil control moisturizer that has SPF 30 (I definitely recommend this for summer). And then I apply my everyday makeup and I’m ready to tackle the day. 🙂

Then Bed Time Rolls Around

To take off all of my make up and any dirt or bacteria that landed on my face during the day, I again use my Biore facial cleanser but this time I use my spinning facial brush to really get into my pores and make sure I get out any of the nasty gunk that got on my face. Once I’m done I pat my face with a hand towel, braid my hair and then I get my beauty sleep. And the process begins again in the morning. 🙂



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